How We Do It

Recommending Law Reform Measures in Doctrinal & Broad Contexts
The Law Commission of Ontario recommends law reform measures using two approaches:
  1. Broad projects – assesses the relationship between law and social circumstances
  2. Doctrinal projects – focus on individual laws and analyze ways to "improve" and "modernize"

The Law Commission of Ontario conducts research on a number of key projects throughout the year. Our broad range of research combines a focused analysis of the law with the insights of non-legal disciplines.


Our Approach – Using Multidisciplinary Analysis to Improve the Law


We approach law reform as an activity that is centered on law, but that must involve multidisciplinary analysis and recommendations. Although we research focused areas of law, many of our major projects involve large social questions. This requires research using a combination of non-legal disciplines to complete the story – social, economic and, psychological, for example – because only then will we truly understand the impact of law on those affected. Our multidisciplinary approach helps us to provide context and:

  • Look beyond individual laws to analyze the broader social issues themselves
  • Consider how Ontario laws impact those affected by these social issues
  • Make recommendations to change these laws to better serve Ontarians







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