What to watch for over the next few months at the LCO

Only a month to go before Labour Day - somehow this happens every year without our realizing it. Taking into account statutory holidays and personal vacations, and a slow down in external events, the LCO has been continuing apace. The results of everyone's efforts will be unveiled over the fall.

You can expect to see the final report in the small estates project. After hearing the views of the project advisory group on an earlier version, Sue Gratton is finalizing the draft now for consideration by the Board of Governors. The Board may, of course, want to see some changes, but even so, I anticipate that it will be released by later in the fall.

Lauren Bates is preparing the draft interim report in the capacity, decision-making and guardianship project for review from the project advisory group next week. As always, their comments are essential in helping us understand the issues and the ramifications of draft recommendatons, albeit not necessarily determinative of them. The Board will also review the resulting draft interim report in early October, and again depending on their assessment, we think we'll be able to release it late in the fall.This will be the time for those involved in the capacity area in one way or another, as well as others with an interest in this very difficult set of issues, to give us your feedback generally on the interim report and specifically on the draft recommendations. This feedback will be taken into account in drafting the final report - it won't be available until the early months of 2016. 

We started working in earnest on the last stages of life project this spring, and Sarah Mason-Case has been occupied with preliminary interviews and beginning to consider the membership of the project advisory group. We've moving now towards defining more clearly the parameters of the project - expecting to see a public document on that sometime around mid-fall wouldn't be unreasonable.

Our latest Ministry of the Attorney General LCO Counsel in Residence has now joined us. She is getting up to speed with the class actions project, the LCO's processes and specifically the draft discussion paper. Once we're satisfied with that, it will go to the project advisory group and eventually for public release, providing the basis of an extensive consultation. Lots more on that later on the class actions webpage.  

The current chair of the Board, Professor Bruce Elman of the University of Windsor Law, will begin his second term as chair in September.

Amanda Rodrigues will return from her maternity/paternity leave in September. Andrew Seo will move on to other adventures, after doing us proud as Amanda's replacement since last November.

Our summer students will be leaving us by the end of this month, after making "end of summer" presentations on their research, something we all look forward to (not sure if they do, but we legal staff do), and we'll be benefiting from the work of our fall-winter students sooner than it seems we should be. Lauren Bates will be reviewing the applications and she and I will discuss a short list next month. If you are a student enrolled in an Ontario law school, consider applying: the deadline is September 11th.

And sometime this fall, you will see a new name in front of "Executive Director, Law Commission of Ontario" and a new face and bio on the Learn About Us/LCO Staff webpage, when th this position changes hands. You'll also see a "goodbye, it's been great" last blog from me before then.

Do enjoy the rest of your summer!




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