The LCO: So, What is "the transition"?

The LCO's Executive Director Designate, Aneurin (Nye) Thomas, joined us last Monday (October 19th) and began a transition towards taking on full responsibilities on December 15th. What's involved in the transition?

A major reason the Board of Governors thought a transition period would be desirable is to allow an introduction of Nye to those who give us so much assistance at Osgoode, our funders and some of the other organizations and individuals we spend a lot of time with in projects and otherwise. It might have been that the upcoming ED would have been new to the province or at least to many of the legal and broader communities with whom we have formed relationships over the years, and therefore, "introductions" would have been literal. This isn't the case with the selection of Nye. Many of those we'll be meeting already know Nye from his work at Legal Aid Ontario where he was responsible for a number of initiatives designed to increase access to justice through legal aid, and so in these cases, we'll be "introducing" him in his new role, making sure people associate him with the LCO rather than with LAO.

The other element, of course, is to give Nye an opportunity to get to know the staff and their various responsibilities and catch up on 8 years of LCO history, as well as in greater detail with current projects (and future) and LCO procedures. As of last week, he's attending the weekly meetings I have with Laura Caruso, our Executive Assistant, and as of this week, my meetings with Amanda Rodrigues, our Project and Web Coordinator. We're going over budgeting and the funding arrangements, administrative protocols and procedures, developments that will arise in the near future, and the myriad of responsibilities to address regularly over the course of a year. We're taking advantage of the opportunity for the entire staff to meet for an afternoon (or morning) to discuss our consultation practices, something in which they are all involved and which rarely provide as much opportunity for introspection as we'd like. 

When we launch the final report in the small estates project, and hold the reception following, on November 19th, Nye will have a chance to say hello in person to those members of the LCO Community Council and Law School Research and Liaison Group who attend; he'll be able to contact briefly those unable to do so. He'll attend his first Board meeting on November 26th (it will be my last).

I still have vacation outstanding and will take it during the last two weeks of my tenure as ED. My last day actually in the office will be November 27th - I'm not sure I have actually registered that that is just over a month away.

Still lots to do before then, including cleaning out my office (something I've been doing one way or another since the summer). Leaving it to more or less the last minute means being ruthless with all those papers I've kept since we began in September 27th, most of which have moved with me through the LCO's six moves around the York campus, and most of which will no longer matter (if many of them ever did). They've reached the end of the road - and soon, as far as the LCO is concerned, so will I, as Nye gradually takes the reins.




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