What We Do

Law Commission of Ontario is an independent organization that researches issues and recommends law reform measures to make the law accessible to all Ontario communities. Guiding Values Our work is guided by the following values:
  1. Excellence: in our work, our employment and our administrative practices
  2. Innovation: reshaping the law where appropriate, and using technology to reform how law reform is approached
  3. Inclusiveness: working and collaborating with interested groups and individuals – legal and non-legal
  4. Integrity: ethical practice in all of our work
  5. Multidisciplinary: focusing on diverse areas of legal/social issues and going beyond the law to conduct our research and form our recommendations
  6. Relevance: focusing on topical and forward-looking projects
  7. Transparency: open process for project proposals, selection and progress – public feedback and contributions are welcome
  8. Pragmatism: our recommendations are to the point and capable of implementation
  9. Accountability: we are accountable to our partners – and to the general public
The Law Commission of Ontario uses a multi-disciplinary approach in all of its work. View this approach in action here

The Law Affects YOU… And YOU Can Help

We recognize the importance of maintaining an open dialogue between the legal community and the people that the law affects – YOU. Throughout this website, you will find a number of ways to contribute to strengthening the law for all Ontarians. We welcome you to take part so that together we can bring value to the Law Commission of Ontario’s work.



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