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The Law Commission of Ontario is Ontario’s leading law reform agency. The LCO provides independent, balanced and authoritative advice on complex legal policy issues. Our work promotes access to justice and contributes to public debate.


LCO Student Scholar Fellowship Program, Summer 2021

January 26th, 2021|

The LCO is pleased to announce that in partnership once again with several Ontario law schools, the LCO will be employing up to 14 law students this summer under the LCO Student Scholar Fellowship Program. [...]

LCO Impact!

January 7th, 2021|

LCO Impact!  LCO Counsel Sue Gratton, Project Lead of the LCO’s Defamation Law in the Internet Age project, helped the Uniform Law Conference of Canada (ULCC) draft the Uniform Non-consensual Disclosure of Intimate Images Act.  This Act was recently [...]

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AI in Criminal Justice System in Ontario

Artificial intelligence (AI) and algorithms have been called “weapons of math destruction” and “a sophisticated form of racial profiling.” The LCO’s AI and Algorithms in the Criminal Justice System project considers the potential impact, use and regulation of AI and algorithms in Canadian criminal proceedings. The LCO identifies important legal, policy and practical issues and choices that Canadian policymakers and justice stakeholders should consider before these technologies are widely adopted.

Digital Rights

Algorithms, automated decision-making (ADM) and artificial intelligence (AI) are a new frontier for access to justice, human rights, dispute resolution and due process. The first phase of LCO’s multiyear Digital Rights project considers two areas of technology law reform that potentially affect all Ontarians: the use of algorithms in the justice system and consumer protection in the “digital marketplace.”