On September 18th, the Board of Governors approved five projects to be undertaken as current projects near their completion. Here they are:

  • redefining parentage (the impact of reproductive technologies and new conceptions of the family),
  • improving the last stages of life (this is not about assisted suicide, which is within federal jurisdiction, but about how the province and other actors can facilitate easier approaches to the process of dying)
  • a review of defamation law, especially in light of the internet and social media,
  • multifaceted approaches to community safety (how actors other than the police – or in addition to the police – can help to keep communities safe, possibly using a legislative model), and
  • regulation of public space (understanding public space and the interaction of public and private space and the creation of a framework to guide legislation affecting public space).


If you have any interest in any of these projects, please let us know at lawcommission@lco-cdo.org.