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  • Completion or substantial implementation of six major projects and six more narrowly focused projects: this number recognizes that it will not be until 2009 that the LCO is likely to produce any substantial work on the initial large projects and it is also recognizes that, while it continues to select narrowly focused projects, the majority of its work is likely to be in relation to large projects;
  • Organization of two to three conferences or symposia: these are likely to be organized in conjunction with Ontario law faculties and other partners;
  • Achieve recognition for the high quality of its discussion papers and reports: this includes the quality of the analysis and the feasibility of the recommendations;
  • Acknowledgement as a leader in law reform: this means that its partners, other law commissions, the legal community and the community more generally view the LCO as playing a major role in law reform in Ontario and in Canada generally;
  • Achieve recognition for its consultative processes: this refers to consultation in relation to project selection and throughout the project implementation process with affected groups and the public generally, as appropriate for the project; and
  • Develop widespread acceptance of the value of the LCO to the Ontario legal system: this will include the view among identified constituencies, such as legal and community organizations, the government and the partners that the mandate of the LCO be extended.
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