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The LCO’s mission is to advance law reform.

The Law Commission of Ontario (LCO) is Ontario’s leading law reform agency. The

LCO provides independent, balanced, and authoritative advice on complex legal policy

issues. Our reports are principled, practical, and forward-looking. Our work furthers

access to justice and contributes to public debate.

The LCO works for and with Ontarians.

The LCO works with Ontarians across the province. We consult with individuals

affected by the law, the public, community organizations, governments, academics,

and experts within the justice system and elsewhere. Our process is transparent,

comprehensive and participatory.

The LCO will expand the reach and impact of its work.

Many people, institutions, and organizations benefit from the LCO. We are committed

to expanding the reach and impact of our work and to prioritizing challenging issues

that are important to the people of Ontario.

The LCO is committed to implementation and accountability.

The successful implementation of this plan will require resources and innovation.

As a result, the LCO will find new ways to:

  • Expand our funding and partnerships;
  • Measure and report on our progress; and
  • Revitalize our board appointment and committee processes.

The LCO’s strategic priorities for 2017 – 2020 are to:

1. Engage more people in law reform.

The LCO is a leader in public engagement on law reform issues. We will engage an

even broader range of people and organizations, including Indigenous

communities, racialized communities, law schools, and experts from outside the

legal system. We will also organize events and discussions to stimulate public

debate on topical issues.

2. Share our knowledge with more people in more accessible ways.

The LCO can do more to share our knowledge with more people. We will improve

our outreach, accessibility and impact through:

  • Guides and summaries that are user-friendly and accessible
  • A digital strategy, updated website, multimedia tools, and better use of social media
  • Disseminating our reports, analysis and recommendations more effectively

3. Prioritize Indigenous law reform issues.

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission called Canadians to action. The LCO

must do its part. We will work with Indigenous communities, organizations, justice

partners and others to prioritize and develop Indigenous law reform projects.

4. Prioritize technology law reform issues.

Ontario needs independent, forward-looking analysis on the impact of technology

on the law and access to justice. We will work with stakeholders, experts, and

justice sector partners to prioritize and develop technology law reform projects.