Table Of Contents

List of Acronyms
I. Introduction
II. Importance of Care in the Last Stages of Life
III. The Law and Care in the Last Stages of Life
IV. Ontario’s Laws, Policies and Programs
V. Access to Justice for Communities with unmet Needs
VI. Specific Challenges to Accessing Care in the Last Stages of Life
VII. Assistance with the Law: Navigation, Dispute Resolution and Public Legal Education
Appendix A: Glossary of Terms
Appendix B: Individuals and Organizations Consulted
Appendix C: Advisory Group Members
Appendix D: Commissioned Research Papers
Appendix E: Details on Roundtable for the Legal Profession
Appendix F: Relevant Statutory Provisions
Appendix G: Questions for Discussion

Background Documents

Executive Summary
Issue Backgrounder # 1 – Consent and Advance Care Planning
Issue Backgrounder # 2 – Access for Communities with Unmet Needs
Issue Backgrounder # 3 – Public Health Approach
Issue Backgrounder # 4 – Transitions between care
Issue Backgrounder # 5 –Resolving Health Care Disputes
Issue Backgrounder # 6 –   Withdrawing and Withhold Treatment
Issue Backgrounder # 7 –   Supports for Professionals
Issue Backgrounder # 8 –   Improving Practice Tools
Issue Backgrounder # 9 –   Palliative Sedation Therapy
Issue Backgrounder # 10 –   Planned Deaths at Home
Issue Backgrounder # 11 –   Caregiver and Family Needs
Issue Backgrounder # 12 –   Medical Assistance in Dying
Issue Backgrounder # 13 –   Faith and Cultural Needs
Overview – Last Stages of Life Project
Overview – Last Stages of Life Project – Consultation Background