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In May 2018, the LCO partnered with the Mozilla Foundation to host a Roundtable on Digital Rights and Digital Society. The event brought together two dozen technologists, academics, lawyers, and community advocates to discuss and prioritize an agenda for law reform and digital rights in Ontario.

A report on the findings of this event is now available. Among the priority themes identified were:

  • transparency and accountability for artificial intelligence and algorithms automatically filter content, price goods, determine eligibility for bail, and make medical recommendations,
  • questions about how digital consumer rights can strike a better balance beyond the choice to either opt-in or miss-out, and
  • modernizing employment and labour rights for the increasing proportion of Ontarians making a living in the “gig economy” of contingent and precarious work.

The LCO is following up on this work with the goal of launching a series of law reform and technology projects later in 2018. The LCO is interested in identifying experts and partners to contribute to these projects and to later engage a broad range of Ontarians in public consultations.