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This is a draft document. It is based on extensive public consultation and research, and is now being circulated for comment. The LCO invites feedback on its content, scope, structure and format, as outlined in the accompanying document, “How to Comment”. Based on the comments received, a final version will be released to the public in mid- 2012.

The final Framework will be accompanied by a set of Background Papers, which will provide further details on the development of the Framework and the approaches employed, the sources and meaning of the principles on which the Framework is founded, and detailed case examples focussed on transitions in the lives of persons with disabilities. Citations for the sources of the Framework will be found in these forthcoming Papers. This Draft Framework is accompanied by a Background Paper on the principles for the law as it affects persons with disabilities.


Table of Contents

Introducing the Framework
Step 1: How Do the Principles Relate to the Context of the Law?
Step 2: Does the Legislative Development/Review Process Respect the Principles?
Step 3: Does the Purpose of the Law Respect and Fulfill the Principles?
Step 4: Who is Affected by the Law and How Does This Relate to the Principles?
Step 5: Do the Processes Under the Law Respect the Principles?
Step 6: Do the Complaint and Enforcement Mechanisms Respect the Principles?
Step 7: Do the Monitoring and Accountability Mechanisms Respect the Principles?
Step 8: Addressing the Results of the Evaluation in Steps 1 to 7: Is the Law True to the Principles?