Having spent half her career practicing the law and the other half researching and writing about it, Jasminka Kalajdzic understands the value of divergent viewpoints. Now a University of Windsor law professor, the former litigator is sharing her perspectives as a member of the LCO’s class actions project advisory group.

“Practitioners have much to contribute because they see how the law plays out on the ground,” Kalajdzic says of the 15-member advisory group, which also includes representatives from the plaintiff and defence bars, a major professional services firm, government, the judiciary, the Class Proceedings Fund, as well as other academics. “I consider the policy questions generated by our class action regime and look at what is happening in other jurisdictions.”

Advisory groups are an important part of most LCO projects, says Executive Director Patricia Hughes. “Volunteers help us ensure we have the expertise available to make well-founded recommendations.”

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