The call for proposals has now closed. Thank you to those who submitted project proposals.

The Law Commission of Ontario invites proposals for new law reform projects from individuals and organizations, including the legal profession, the judiciary, community groups, government ministries and agencies, academics and the general public. Proposals are encouraged until March 21, 2014.

Created in 2007 by agreement among the Law Foundation of Ontario, the Ministry of the Attorney General, Osgoode Hall Law School and the Law Society of Upper Canada, all of which  provide funding to the LCO, and Ontario’s law deans, and with additional support from York University, the LCO’s mandate is to make recommendations to improve the law in Ontario, by making the legal system more relevant, accessible and efficient; simplifying or clarifying the law; and using technology to increase access to justice.

Some of the LCO’s projects, such the Modernization of the Provincial Offences Act, have focused on specific legislative amendments, while others (for example, the framework on law, policy and practice as they affect older adults or the vulnerable workers project) have more broadly considered the social and other ramifications of the law and law reform and have used multidisciplinary approaches, critical analysis of the law and consideration of the law on diverse communities. For information on completed and on-going projects, see

Guidelines for making a Proposal can be found here.

For more about the LCO, see If you have questions about the process, please contact Patricia Hughes, Executive Director, at

Please send project proposals by email or mail to:

Janice Williams, Executive Assistant
Law Commission of Ontario
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