The LCO invites project proposals in any area of law within provincial jurisdiction. (If there are federal aspects to your project, this is not a bar, but the project should not be directed at federal law.)

The Project Selection Committee of the Board of Governors will review the project proposals and recommend projects to the Board for its approval, taking into account factors such as those listed below under “Before you make a proposal…”. 


What should I include in my proposal?

In about two pages,

  • briefly describe the project;
  • tell us why you think it requires doing; and
  • explain how it fits in with the LCO’s mandate.

The LCO’s mandate is to make recommendations

  • to make the legal system more relevant, accessible or effective;
  • to simplify or clarify the law; and
  • about using technology to improve access to justice. 

The more specific you are, the easier it will be for the LCO to decide the resources the project would need and how long it would take to complete it. These factors help the LCO decide the type and number of projects it can undertake at any one time.

If you have information or data that you believe will help the LCO if it undertakes the project, please include it with your proposal or tell us where we can find it easily.

Before you make a proposal . . .

Consider the following questions in deciding whether the LCO is the best organization to address your concern(s) about the law and in developing your proposal:

  • Is this project consistent with the LCO’s mandate? Or does it better fall within another institution’s mandate?
  • Does this project address a significant need not already being addressed by government or another body?
  • Which community or communities will be affected by reforms resulting from this project? 
  • Will this project provide an opportunity for the LCO to advance its commitment to multidisciplinary, innovative and socially conscious analysis? Or will this project provide an opportunity for the LCO to produce recommendations focusing on a particular area of law?
  • Does this project have the potential to produce forward looking, innovative and pragmatic, workable recommendations?
  • Will the public or particular segments of the public see this project as a good use of the LCO’s resources?

How can I find out if somebody else has already proposed my project?

If you want to know if we have already received a proposal in the area you’re thinking about, please contact us at 

Read about our completed and current projects at


What happens to my proposal if it is approved by the Board?

The LCO does not provide funding for others to undertake projects, but usually undertakes them in-house. Please note that as projects progress, they may take a path different from that initially anticipated and the LCO’s recommendations may not be those envisioned by individuals or organizations that made the original proposal.


What if I have questions about submitting a proposal? 

Contact Laura Caruso at or 416.650.8406.

How should I submit my proposal?

Submit your proposal by email to

If you are unable to send your proposal electronically, send it to:

Laura Caruso, Executive Assistant
Law Commission of Ontario
2032 Ignat Kaneff Building, York University
4700 Keele Street
Toronto, Ontario  M3J 1P3