1. Does the LCO limit the number of pages or have expectations with respect to the length of proposals?

The LCO’s submission process is relatively flexible compared to other grant agencies. We do not have a page limit or page number expectations for the proposals. As a general rule, proposals should be thorough in addressing the requirements set out in the Call for Research Papers, including the issues raised in the section on research paper topics. However, proposals should also be concise.

2. Does the LCO accept proposals and research papers in French?

Yes, the LCO does accept proposals and research papers in French.

3. Does the LCO have a policy on the payment of indirect or overhead costs to research institutions that employ successful applicants?

The resources the LCO is able to devote to funding external research are very limited. Because the funding that we offer is relatively limited, as a matter of practice, the LCO pays researchers directly as independent contractors and we do not pay indirect or overhead costs to universities that they may be affiliated with.

4. Does the LCO accept details on indirect or overhead costs in the “estimate of resources required to complete the assignment” that applicants must submit as part of their proposal?

Please see our answer to question 3, above.

5. Does the LCO recommend an approximate length for the final research papers?

The LCO does not have specific expectations for the length of final research papers. The length of each paper will vary according to the successful applicants’ topic and methodology. Final research papers should reflect thorough review and analysis of the topic to the full extent that is achievable within our timelines for delivery. We also respect that authors have other professional and personal commitments that they will pursue in parallel with this opportunity.

6. Would the LCO be interested in a research topic beyond those identified in the Call for Research Papers that addresses [a specified subject matter]?

The LCO will consider all proposals together once the deadline for submission has passed. As indicated in the Call document, the LCO will consider proposals on topics that we have not identified that would make a demonstrable contribution to our understanding of the issues raised in the description of the project on our website and that would benefit from external, expert knowledge that the LCO might not be able gain otherwise through internal research and consultations. For further information on our expectation for proposals, please see the Call document and our answer to question 1, above.

7. Does the $15,000 payment amount include the $2,500 amount for expenses?

The total payment for the paper is $15,000 and, in addition, approved expenses up to a maximum of $2,500 will be recoverable.

8. The LCO’s proposed deliverables timeline is short particularly for empirical research where ethics approval and data collection are involved. Are the deadlines for the interim and final research papers negotiable?

Where possible, the LCO will accommodate reasonable requests for a longer timeline for studies involving new qualitative or quantitative research.