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Current Projects

Criminal Justice AI - Image a blue background with AI written on it

AI in Criminal Justice System in Ontario

Artificial intelligence (AI) and algorithms have been called “weapons of math destruction” and “a sophisticated form of racial profiling.” The LCO’s AI and Algorithms in the Criminal Justice System project considers the potential impact, use and regulation of AI and algorithms in Canadian criminal proceedings. The LCO identifies important legal, policy and practical issues and choices that Canadian policymakers and justice stakeholders should consider before these technologies are widely adopted.

Digital Rights

Algorithms, automated decision-making (ADM) and artificial intelligence (AI) are a new frontier for access to justice, human rights, dispute resolution and due process. The first phase of LCO’s multiyear Digital Rights project considers two areas of technology law reform that potentially affect all Ontarians: the use of algorithms in the justice system and consumer protection in the “digital marketplace.”

Environmental Accountability project banner image of 2 boys with a background of trees

Environmental Accountability: Rights, Responsibilities and Access to Justice

The LCO is considering possible reforms to Ontario’s Environmental Bill of Rights and other contemporary approaches to strengthening environmental accountability in Ontario. Issues include the desirability, feasibility and enforceability of legislating a substantive right to a healthy environment, the responsibilities corresponding to such a right, and proposals for enhancing environmental access to justice. The LCO is committed to a rigorous and non-partisan approach to consultation on and analysis of these issues.

Defamation Law in the Internet Age - decorative banner image

Defamation Law in the Internet Age

The LCO’s project is the most comprehensive analysis of Ontario’s defamation law framework to date. The project is examining the underlying purpose and function of defamation law and how defamation law should be updated to account for “internet speech,” including social media, blogs, internet platforms and digital media.

Indigenous Engagement – Last Stages of Life

The LCO is now preparing to establish a distinct engagement process to identify and hear about Indigenous laws and experiences in the last stages of life. This will take place in early 2019. This distinct Indigenous engagement process extends general LSL consultations conducted from June 2017 – May 2018.

Last Stages of Life

Last Stages of Life project considers how the law shapes the rights, choices, and quality of life for persons who are dying and those who support them.

Class Actions: Objectives, Experiences and Reforms

The LCO’s Final Report, Class Actions: Objectives, Experiences and Reforms is the first independent, evidence-based and comprehensive review of class actions in Ontario since the enactment of the Class Proceedings Act in 1993. The Final Report makes 47 recommendations to reform the CPA and related policies in a broad range of areas.