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Current Projects

AI, ADM and the Justice System

The LCO’s multiyear AI, ADM and the Justice System project brings together policymakers, legal professionals, technologists, NGOs and community members to discuss the development, deployment, regulation and impact of artificial intelligence (AI), automated decision-making (ADM) and algorithms on access to justice, human rights, and due process.

Environmental Accountability project banner image of 2 boys with a background of trees

Environmental Accountability: Rights, Responsibilities and Access to Justice

The LCO is considering possible reforms to Ontario’s Environmental Bill of Rights and other contemporary approaches to strengthening environmental accountability in Ontario. Issues include the desirability, feasibility and enforceability of legislating a substantive right to a healthy environment, the responsibilities corresponding to such a right, and proposals for enhancing environmental access to justice.

Last Stages of Life

The LCO’s Last Stages of Life project considers how the law shapes the rights, choices, and quality of life for persons who are dying and those who support them.

Indigenous Engagement – Last Stages of Life

The LCO established a distinct engagement process to identify and hear about Indigenous laws and experiences in the last stages of life.

Improving Protection Orders

The LCO’s Improving Protection Orders project is examining why protection orders are not working effectively to prevent femicide and intimate partner violence in Ontario.

Consumer Protection in the Digital Marketplace

The LCO’s Digital Marketplace Initiative is collaborating with leading academics in Canada in an innovative, data-driven project to identify law reform options related to so-called “click to consent” or “terms of service” (ToS) contracts.