The LCO received a grant from the Ontario Women’s Directorate to develop law school curriculum modules on violence against women. The objective was to develop modules that are flexible enough that law schools that wish to use them are able to include them in existing courses, offer them as an intensive course or combine them into a full course. The modules go beyond the most obvious courses, with a view to ensuring that law students receive some training in this area, regardless of the area of law in which they will practice. The preparation of the modules builds on similar curricula developed for the National Judicial Institute and prepared in the past for law schools, as well as work done elsewhere. The LCO retained Pamela Cross, an expert on violence against women who has also assisted in the development of curricula for the NJI and Legal Aid, as the Project Director. The initiative had the benefit of an Advisory Group composed of members with a range of expertise in violence against women, including faculty members from all the Ontario law schools.

Project Documents