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Final Reports

Discussion Papers, Consultation Papers and Interim Reports

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Final Reports

#19. Last Stages of Life: Final Report – October 2021

#18. Regulating AI: Critical Issues and Choices – April 2021

#17. Legal Issues and Government AI Development – March 2021

#16. The Rise and Fall of Algorithms in American Criminal Justice: Lessons for Canada – October 2020

#15. Defamation Law in the Internet Age – March 2020

#14. Class Actions: Objectives, Experiences, and Reforms – July 2019

#13. Legal Capacity, Decision-making and Guardianship – March 2017

#12. Simplified Procedures for Small Estates – August 2015

#11. Capacity and Legal Representation for the Federal RDSP – June 2014

#10. Review of the Forestry Workers Lien for Wages Act – September 2013

#9. Family Law Reform – February 2013

#8. Vulnerable Workers and Precarious Work – December 2012

#7. The Law and Persons with Disabilities – September 2012

#6. Curriculum Modules in Ontario Law Schools: A Framework for Teaching about Violence against Women – August 2012

#5. Older Adults – April 2012

#4. Provincial Offences Act – August 2011

#3. Joint and Several Liability – February 2011

#2. Division of Pensions Upon Marriage Breakdown – January 2009

#1. Fees for Cashing Government Cheques – November 2008

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Discussion Papers, Consultation Papers and Interim Reports

#12. Class Actions: Objectives, Experiences and Reforms – Consultation Paper – March 2018

#11. Defamation Law in the Internet Age – Consultation Paper – November 2017

#10. Improving the Last Stages of Life – Discussion Paper – May 2017

#9. Legal Capacity, Decision-making and Guardianship – Interim Report – October 2015

#8. Capacity of Adults with mental disabilites and the Federal RDSP – Discussion Paper – October 2013

#7. Vulnerable Workers and Precarious Work – Interim Report – August 2012

#6. Persons with Disabilities – Framework – March 2012

#5. Family Law Reform – February 2012

#4. Persons with Disabilities – Consultation Paper – September 2011

#3. Older Adults – Framework – June 2011

#2. Older Adults – Interim Report – June 2011

#1. Provincial Offences Act – March 2011

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Other LCO Papers, Backgrounders and Reports

#44. Legal Issues and Government AI Development – March 2021

#43. AI and Automated Decision-Making: Impact on Access to Justice and Legal Aid – June 2019

#42. Criminal AI and ADM Event Backgrounder – March 2019

#41. 10 Year Report – Law Commission of Ontario: Past and Future – December 2018

#40. LCO/Mozilla Roundtable Report – August 2018

#39. Emily Laidlaw, University of Calgary, Faculty of Law:Are we asking too much from defamation law? Reputation systems, ADR, Industry Regulation and other Extra-Judicial Possibilities for Protecting Reputation in the Internet Age – September 2017

#38. David Mangan, City University London: The Relationship Between Defamation, Breach of Privacy and Other Legal Claims Involving Offensive Internet Content – July 2017

#37. Emily Laidlaw, University of Calgary, Faculty of Law, and Hilary Young, University of New Brunswick, Faculty of Law: Internet Intermediary Liability in Defamation: Proposals for Statutory Reform – July 2017

#36. Karen Eltis, Professor of Law, University of Ottawa: Is “Truthtelling” Decontextualized Online Still Reasonable? Restoring Context to Defamation Analysis in the Digital Age – July 2017

#35. Jane Bailey and Valerie Steeves, Co-Leaders of the eQuality Project, University of Ottawa: Defamation Law in the Age of the Internet: Young People’s Perspectives – June 2017

#34. Omar Ha-Redeye, Ruby Latif, & Kashif Pirzada: Integrating Religious and Cultural Supports into Quality Care in the Last Stages of Life in Ontario – April 2017

#33. James Downar, Laura Hawryluck, Alexi Wood, Susan Brown, Joy Richards, Robert Sibbald, Jennifer Gibson, & Csilla Kalocsai: Balancing The Interests Of Patients, Substitute Decision-Makers, Family And Health Care Providers In Decision-Making Over The Withdrawal And Withholding Of Life-Sustaining Treatment – April 2017

#32. Judith A. Wahl, Mary Jane Dykeman, Tara Walton: Health Care Consent, Advance Care Planning, and Goals of Care Practice Tools: The Challenge to Get it Right – December 2016

#31. Rosario G. Cartagena, Alison K. Thompson, Kaveh Katebian, Trudo Lemmens, Rose Geist, Harvey Schipper, Sandy Buchman, Heesoo Kim, Mark Handelman: Understanding the Relationship between Suffering and Capacity at the End-Of-Life: A Pilot Study – December 2016

#30. Dr. Donna Wilson & Dr. Stephen Birch: Improved care setting transitions in the last year of life – July 2016

#29. Dr. Arne Stinchcombe, Dr. Katherine Kortes-Miller & Dr. Kimberley Wilson: Perspectives on the final stages of life from LGBT elders living in Ontario – June 2016

#28. Dr. Mary Chiu, Dr. Adrian Grek, Sonia Meerai, LJ Nelles, Dr. Joel Sadavoy & Dr. Virginia Wesson: Understanding the lived experience of individuals, caregivers and families touched by frailty, chronic illness and dementia in Ontario – June 2016

#27. Sophie Nunnelley: Personal Support Networks in Practice and Theory: Assessing the Implications for Supported Decision-Making Law – February 2015

#26. Christine M. Hakim: Balancing Accessibility and Procedural Protection in a Small Estates Probate Procedure in Ontario – January 2015

#25. Canadian Centre for Elder Law: Understanding the Lived Experiences of Supported Decision-making in Cana