The LCO will host a full-day forum on community safety on November 22, 2013 in Toronto.  Participation is by invitation only.

There is little question that the social, economic, health, environmental and other causes of crime, victimization and insecurity are complex, as are the solutions. Responses confined to the criminal justice system are inadequate. Multi-disciplinary, multi-agency and multi-sectoral policies and initiatives are necessary.

The Law Commission of Ontario is facilitating this one-day “conversation” to focus on the question of implementation, and specifically on structures for ensuring integrated responses.

The LCO will bring together experts from a wide variety of perspectives, experiences and fields, including municipal and provincial government representatives, community organizations, academics, police, health, education, child welfare and criminal justice agencies, to consider the policies and structures needed to facilitate comprehensive approaches to promoting community safety.

The Forum may lead to a new LCO project in the future. If you are interested in keeping up to date on this possibility or being involved in such a project, please get in touch with us.