The LCO invites your comments on the issues raised by this Paper. In particular, the LCO would like to hear from you on the following questions:

1. What aspects of diversity should any approach to the law affecting older persons take into account?

2. What principles and goals should guide the law as it affects older persons?

3. Do negative attitudes or stereotypes about the characteristics, capacities or contributions of older adults affect the law or the administration of the law? Does the law adequately take into account the needs and experiences of older persons? Are there specific issues or areas of the law that are of concern?

4. Should the use of age-based criteria in laws and programs affecting older adults be re-examined? Are there specific age-based criteria that warrant the attention of the LCO?

5. Do current legal frameworks adequately support access and participation for older adults? What are the key barriers to access to justice for older adults?

6. What are the key legal issues with respect to the relationships of older adults? Are there aspects of the relationships of older adults that have not been adequately addressed by current legal frameworks?

7. What are the key legal issues related to the living environments of older adults?

8. Are there themes or issues other than those identified in this Paper that the LCO should examine as part of this project?

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