Vulnerable workers report helps inform Bill 146

The LCO’s report on vulnerable workers and precarious work made headlines for the second time in 2013 when former Labour Minister Yasir Naqvi unveiled in December sweeping new Ontario legislation that proposes to strengthen workplace protections. Naqvi credited the LCO’s report with helping to inform the changes set out in Bill 146, Stronger Workplaces for a Stronger Economy Act, 2014.

“The impact of this report can’t be overstated,” says LCO Executive Director Patricia Hughes, who spoke at the Minister’s announcement in Toronto. “We’re a law reform agency. It’s a major sign of success when our recommendations might actually inform new legislation in the province.”

Released in April 2013, the report’s 47 recommendations include a comprehensive provincial strategy to support vulnerable workers and a review of the exemptions within the Employment Standards Act. Naqvi first acknowledged the LCO’s proposed changes in July when he announced the government’s review of the $10.25 minimum wage.

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