New Zealand may be a world away, but Julia Rendell is feeling right at home as one of four students hired by the LCO this summer. Rendell completed her undergraduate law degree at the island country’s Victoria University of Wellington and four years as a legal and policy advisor with the New Zealand Law Commission before moving to Ontario this fall to begin a graduate law degree at the University of Toronto. Her research involves a comparison of New Zealand’s Bill of Rights and Canada’s Charter

“Canada is a similar jurisdiction to New Zealand and one that we often turn to as a point of comparison.”

Rendell hopes the similarities will serve her well as she embarks on her four-month tenure with the LCO. “Constitutional law, family law, the laws surrounding indigenous peoples — these are all issues our countries and law commissions share.”

“This opportunity was made for me. I hope we can learn from each other.” 

2011 Summer Students

Left to Right: Jerri Phillips, Michael DaSilva, Patricia Hughes (Executive Director), Safina Lalani, Julia Rendell and Lauren Bates (Staff Lawyer).

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