As of September 1, 2012, former Windsor Law dean Bruce Elman began his three year term as Chair of the Law Commission of Ontario. Prior to accepting the deanship at Windsor, Professor Elman had been the Belzberg Professor of Constitutional Law and Chair of the Centre for Constitutional Studies at the Faculty of Law, University of Alberta. He has been visiting professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Niigata University in Japan, and a Visiting Scholar at Stanford Law School. Most recently, he was the 2011-2012 Visiting Scholar in Residence with the Centre for the Legal Profession at the University of Toronto. He is currently a faculty member at Windsor Law and Integrity Commissioner for the City of Windsor.

Professor Elman succeeds Larry Banack, who carries on his mediation, arbitration and counsel practice at Banack Resolutions Inc.

During his term as Chair, the LCO was renewed for an additional five years until December 31, 2016.