On April 15, 2016, the Law Commission of Ontario, Legal Aid Ontario and the Canadian Forum on Civil Justice hosted a forum titled “Open Data in the Justice System:  Opportunities, Challenges & Lessons Learned.”  The forum consisted of a panel discussion exploring issues of open data, privacy, and strategies for collecting, releasing and using data. This forum brought together 50 lawyers, academics and provincial government representatives. The event was a response to Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne’s Open Government Initiative.


Nye Thomas, Law Commission of Ontario

From left to right: Colin LaChance, PGYA Consulting, Dr. Julian Somers, Simon Fraser University, Paul Vet, Treasury Board Secretariat of Ontario, Monica Goyal, Aluvion Law

From left to right: Allan Seckel, Doctors of British Columbia, Allan Castle, British Columbia Ministry of Justice, Nye Thomas, Law Commission of Ontario       

Nicole Aylwin, Canadian Forum on Civil Justice