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[3] Chief Justice of Ontario, the Honourable Warren K. Winkler, publicly stated that family law is in need of significant reform, particularly with regards to the delivery of family law across the province to better serve the public (Warren K. Winkler, “Access to Justice” (Remarks at the Law Society of Upper Canada’s Six Minute Family Law Lawyer Conference, December 5, 2007 [unpublished]). In 1993, the former Ontario Law Reform Commission made recommendations for family law reform on a wide range of issues, including the application of common law remedies in matrimonial property disputes, equalization at death, problems with valuation and the treatment of the matrimonial home (Ontario Law Reform Commission, Report on Family Property Law (Toronto: 1993).

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[16] Family Law Education for Women (FLEW) is a project funded by the Government of Ontario, which provides plain language legal information on women’s rights under Ontario family law. This information is available in 11 languages: English, French, Arabic, Chinese (traditional), Chinese (simplified), Farsi, Punjabi, Somali, Spanish, Tamil and Urdu (see http://onefamilylaw.ca/en/home).

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