This fall, the Law Commission of Ontario (LCO) is conducting public consultations about family justice. These consultations are part of the latest LCO family justice project entitled “Best Practices at Family Justice System Entry Points: Needs of Users and Responses of Workers in the Justice System.”[1] Consultations seek to identify where people go to try to solve family challenges or problems and what services help them navigate through the complicated Ontario family justice system. The aim of this project is to contribute to ongoing efforts at improving the family justice process across the province by focusing on the early stages of this process.

This consultation paper provides background on the LCO family justice project and consultation methodology. It describes other projects related to the LCO project. It raises questions to which the general public as well as stakeholders in the family justice area are invited to respond.

As a family justice system user or worker, you will find information in the last section of the paper about how to participate in consultations. You may collaborate with the LCO to plan user or worker group consultations at your organization or in collaboration with others. You may also send us a submission. Our goal is to generate discussions that will be mutually beneficial.


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