I would like to express my appreciation to the Law Commission of Ontario for providing me with this opportunity to author a research paper on sentencing purposes and principles for provincial offences. 

I would also like to thank the Office of the Chief Justice of the Ontario Court of Justice for supporting, and indeed encouraging, my interest and involvement in this project. I have particularly benefited from the guidance and helpful comments and observations made by Mark Schofield, Law Commission of Ontario Counsel in Residence; Professors Alan Young and Liora Salter of Osgoode Hall Law School York University; Professor Kenneth Jull of the University of Toronto Faculty of Law, and Faculty of Graduate Studies Osgoode Hall Law School York University; Senior Advisory Justice of the Peace Andrew C. Clark; Sheilagh Stewart, Crown Counsel, Ministry of Attorney General, Ontario; and Sherie Verhulst, Legislative Counsel, Ministry of Attorney General, British Columbia.  I am also grateful for the assistance of Despina Cadieux, a law student, who reviewed and edited a draft of this research paper, as well as Grace Dadone for her secretarial assistance. 

The views expressed in this research paper represent my own personal opinions, gleaned from my combined experiences as a Crown Counsel, adjunct law professor, graduate law student and judge of the Ontario Court of Justice. They do not purport to represent the views of the any of the institutions with which I am, or have been, affiliated. 

 Rick Libman


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