·         Jim Andersen, Ministry of the Attorney General

·         ARCH Disability Law Centre

·         Association of Justices of the Peace of Ontario

·         Association of Municipalities of Ontario

·         Janice Atwood-Petkovski, City of Vaughan

·         Chris G. Bendick, Solicitor, City of Vaughan

·         Peter P. Blake

·         City of Toronto, Legal Services

·         Paul Davey, Paralegal

·         Indigenous Bar Association

·         Anna Kinastowski, City Solicitor, City of Toronto

·         Sousanna Karas, Travel Industry Council of Ontario

·         Licensed Paralegal Association

·         Professor Richard B Macrory, Faculty of Law, University College London

·         Jane Marshall, Ministry of the Attorney General

·         Municipal Court Managers’ Association of Ontario

·         Ken Murphy, Carswell

·         Sabrina Musilli, Ministry of the Attorney General

·         Ramani Nadarajah, Canadian Environmental Law Association

·         Paralegal Society of Ontario

·         The Honourable John A. Payne, Associate Chief Justice, Ontario Court of Justice

·         Prosecutors’ Association of Ontario

·         Real Estate Council of Ontario, Legal Services

·         Brenda Russell, Municipal Law Enforcement Officers’ Association (Ontario)

·         Corporal Christopher D. Russell, Canadian Forces

·         Elizabeth A. Silcox, Real Estate Council of Ontario

·         Bill Theriault

·         Curry Clifford, Association of Municipal Managers, Clerks and Treasurers of Ontario

·         Tony Thompson, City of Vaughan, Enforcement Services

·         Shayne Turner, City of Kitchener

·         Ted Yao



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