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In this project, we are studying Ontario’s probate system. Probate is a court procedure which provides evidence that someone administering the estate of a deceased person is legally authorized to do so. “Administering an estate” means gathering the deceased’s assets, paying debts and distributing what is left to the beneficiaries. We want to know how well the probate system is working for people administering small estates. We have not yet settled on the definition of “small” estate but it is most likely less than $100,000 and maybe even less than $50,000 (before debts and expenses are paid).

We are interested in your story whether you applied for probate or administered a small estate without probate.

This questionnaire is mainly directed at individuals who have administered a small estate in Ontario, either with or without legal or other professional assistance. If you are a lawyer or other professional, we encourage you to respond to the Questions for Feedback in the Consultation Paper available at the LCO’s website.

We will use your answers to help us understand how the law is working and to make recommendations for change. We will not use your answers for any other purpose. No one except the people at the LCO will be allowed to see the answers to your questions. We will never give out your name or personal information. If we write about your experiences in our report, we will do it in a way that others cannot identify you.

Completing This Questionnaire

You can answer our questions in the way that is easiest for you.

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