The Board of Governors is pleased to bestow the title of  




In recognition and appreciation for her exceptional dedication to and tireless efforts on behalf of the LAW COMMISSION OF ONTARIO.



Under her leadership and guidance the LAW COMMISSION OF ONTARIO has become widely respected for its excellence and expertise in law reform.  Her ability to translate the opinions of stakeholders, the legal community, scholars, experts in the field, and community groups and individuals into cutting edge, practical and balanced approaches to law reform have ensured that the LAW COMMISSION OF ONTARIO is a vital member of and partner in the legal community in Ontario. The exceptional level of professionalism exhibited throughout the organization is a testament to the principles and values she, herself, holds: honesty, authenticity, rigorous thought and analysis, dedication to the pursuit of excellence, and a commitment to access to justice in the Province of Ontario and beyond.

Therefore, It is with gratitude for these efforts in establishing the LAW COMMISSION OF ONTARIO as a pre-eminent centre for the development of law reform and policy that we convey to her our gratitude for her many years of service.


Dated the 19th of November, 2015.