Two Ontario government directors are relishing the opportunity to dig deep into pressing legal issues during year-long secondments at the LCO.

Fran Carnerie, deputy legal director with the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change, began her term as the LCO Ministry of the Attorney General Counsel-in-Residence in July. She’s lead on the class action project, which asks if the more than two-decade-old Ontario Class Proceedings Act is still relevant. “It’s a luxury to research, analyse and immerse myself in the issues again,” she says. “It allows for truly creative and constructive thinking.”

Ken Lung agrees. A 24-year Ministry employee who most recently oversaw 175 lawyers as portfolio director in the legal services division of the Office of the Assistant Deputy Attorney General, he joined the LCO in June as a Special Counsel-in-Residence. “After years as a Ministry manager, this opportunity is a good transition back to professional practice,” he says. Lung is applying his government know-how to a handful of LCO projects, including legal capacity and end-of-life care.

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