A.             Individuals and Organizations

  1. Al Etmanski Co-Founder of Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network (PLAN)
  2. ARCH Disability Law Centre (Executive Director Ivana Petricone and Staff Lawyer Edgar-André Montigny)
  3. Bank of Montreal (BMO) (Manager Registered Plans and Pensions Laura Addington and VP PCG Compliance, Legal, Corporate and Compliance Group Martin A. Villeneuve)
  4. Canadian Association for Community Living (Executive Vice-President Michael Bach)
  5. Canadian Centre for Elder Law (National Director Krista James and Senior Fellow Laura Watts)
  6. Canada Revenue Agency (Director Registration Division Chantal Paquette, Director Policy and Communications Division Janice Laird, Manager Specialty Products Policy Section Mark Legault, Manager RDSP and RESP Products Lorraine Veilleux, Technical Policy Advisor Speciality Products Policy Section Christina O’Quinn, Technical Policy Advisor Compliance Division Registered Plans Directorate Marc Jolicoeur)
  7. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) (Senior Counsel Ann Elise Alexander)
  8. Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) (Senior Legal Counsel Nyranne Martin and Senior Policy Analyst Roslyn Shields)
  9. Community Living British Columbia (Vice-President Strategic Initiatives Jack Styan and Manager Policy and Program Development Tamara Kulusic)
  10. Community Living Ontario (Legal Counsel Orville Endicott, Director Social Policy and Government Relations Gordon Kyle and Donner Civic Leadership Fund Fellow Dr. Elisa Mangina)
  11. Consent and Capacity Board (Acting Counsel Isfahan Merali, Vice-Chair Lora Patton, Registrar Lorissa Sciarra)
  12. Curateur public of Quebec (Strategic Planning Officer Strategic Planning and Research Bureau André Bzedera)
  13. D’Arcy J. Hiltz Barrister and Solicitor
  14. Employment and Social Development Canada (Manager Canada Disability Savings Program Sylvie Heartfield; Senior Policy Analyst Canada Disability Savings Program Russell Deigan; Director Programs Division Etienne-Rene Massie; Senior Analyst Canada Disability Savings Program Lisa Bacon; Manager Seniors, Life Course and Disabilities John Rietschlin; Economist Andrija Popovic; Senior Legislation Officer Canada Pension Plan Policy; Senior Legislation Officer Canada Pension Plan Policy and Legislation Natasha Rende; Manager Litigation and Legislation Old Age Security Policy Kevin Wagdin; and Legislation Officer Litigation and Legislation Old Age Security Policy Julieta Alfinger)
  15. Finance Canada (Senior Chief Social Tax Policy Karen Hall and Director Personal Income Tax Division Sean Keenan)
  16. Goddard, Gamage and Stephens LLP (Barrister and Solicitor Nimali Gamage)
  17. HIV and AIDS Legal Clinic Ontario (Community Legal Worker and Paralegal Jill McNall)
  18. Income Security Advocacy Centre (Research and Policy Analyst Jennefer Laidley)
  19. Legal Aid Ontario (Jayne Mallin)
  20. Lana Kerzner Barrister and Solicitor
  21. Laura Metrick Counsel at the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General
  22. Ministry of Health and Social Services (Yukon) (Manager Seniors’ Services and Adult Protection Unit Kelly Cooper)
  23. Ministry of the Attorney General, Capacity Assessment Office (Program Coordinator Hilary Callin)
  24. Ministry of Community and Social Services (Manager Income Support Policy Unit Ontario Disability Support Program Branch Darlene MacDonald Forsyth, Manager Policy Operations and Program Design Ontario Works Branch Gurpreet Sidhu-Dhanoa, Director Community and Developmental Services (former) Carol Latimer,  Director Community and Developmental Services (former) Monica Neizert and Manager Policy Coordination Christine Hughes)
  25. Mississauga Community Legal Services (Community Legal Worker and RDSP Plan Holder Daniel Amsler)
  26. The Newfoundland and Labrador Association for Community Living (Past President Ray McIsaac)
  27. Nidus (Executive Director Joanne Taylor)
  28. The Office of the Public Trustee for Alberta (Public Trustee Leslie Hills, Assistant Public Trustee Dana Kingbury, Director Legal Services C. Suzanne McAfee)
  29. Ombudsman for Banking Services and Institutions  (OBSI) (Ombudsman Doug Melville)
  30. Ontario Caregiver Coalition (Executive Secretariat Joanne Bertrand)
  31. Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network (PLAN) (Director of Policy and Planning Joel Crocker)
  32. Pooran Law (Barrister and Solicitor Brendon Pooran)
  33. The Public Guardian and Trustee of British Columbia (Public Guardian and Trustee, Catherine Romanko)
  34. Risa Stone Legal Counsel at the Ontario Public Guardian and Trustee
  35. Royal Bank of Canada, RBC Law Group (Senior Advisory Counsel Suzanne Michaud and Senior Manager Registered Plans and Group Plans Don Osborne)
  36. Saara Chetner Legal Counsel at the Ontario Public Guardian and Trustee
  37. Schizophrenia Society of Ontario (Manager Policy and Community Relations Irina Sytcheva)
  38. University of British Columbia (Professor and Director School of Social Work Tim Stainton)
  39. University of Saskatchewan (Associate Dean Academic Doug Surtees)
  40. Vincent J. De Angelis Barrister and Solicitor

B.              Conferences and Roundtables Attended

Roundtable on Financial Abuse of Seniors hosted by the Minister of State (Seniors), Government of Canada, held August 7, 2013. 


C.              Prior Relevant LCO Commissioned Research

In major projects, the LCO issues a call for the preparation of research papers in particular subjects relevant to the project. It relies on these papers in the same way as any research. The papers do not necessarily reflect the LCO’s views. The following research papers were prepared for the LCO’s past projects on A Framework for the Law as It Affects Older Adults and A Framework for the Law as It Affects Persons with Disabilities. 

  1. ARCH Disability Law Centre (Kerri Joffe), “Enforcing the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Ontario`s Developmental Services System” (Summer 2010).  Available online at http://www.lco-cdo.org
  2. ARCH Disability Law Centre (Tess Sheldon), “The Shield Becomes the Sword: The Expansion of the Ameliorative Program Defence to Programs that Support Persons with Disabilities” (Summer 2010). Available online at http://www.lco-cdo.org
  3. Michael Bach and Lana Kerzner, “A New Paradigm for Protecting Autonomy and the Right to Legal Capacity” (Summer 2010). Available online at http://www.lco-cdo.org
  4. Bakerlaw (Meryl Zisman Gary, Cara Wilkie & David Baker), “A Case Study Paper on the Right to Supports” (Summer 2010). Available online at http://www.lco-cdo.org
  5. Professor Mona Paré, Professeure adjointe Université d’Ottawa, “La participation des personnes handicapées dans les décisions qui les concernent: L’exemple de l’éducation” (Summer 2010). Available online at http://www.lco-cdo.org
  6. Lora Patton, Rita Sampson and Brendon Pooran, “A Principled Approach: Considering Eligibility Criteria for Disability-Related Support Programs through a Rights-Outcome Lens” (Summer 2010). Available online at http://www.lco-cdo.org




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