The LCO wishes to recognize the following organizations and individuals, who either made submissions or provided substantial information during the course of this project:

Athos Sani
Canadian Institute of Actuaries
Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association Inc.
CAAT Pension Plan
Cynthia Crysler
Dale Montpetit
David Wolgelerenter
Dilkes, Jeffery & Associates, Inc.
Hospitals of Ontario Pension Plan
Imperial Oil Limited
Klotz Associates
Krofchick Valuation Partners
K-W Actuarial Services Inc.
Ontario Bar Association
Ontario Pension Board
OPSEU Pension Trust
Pension Appraisal Solutions Inc.
Pension Valuators of Canada
Peter Martin
Sherry Cohen
Teachers’ Pension Plan
The Association of Canadian Pension Management
Thomas G. Anderson
Wendela Napier

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