In April 2013, the LCO issued a Call for Research Papers related to its project on Legal Capacity, Decision-making and Guardianship. The Call closed on June 30, 2013.

The following papers were commissioned by the LCO in order to provide background research for its Legal Capacity, Decision-making and Guardianship project. This research will be taken into account in the LCO’s analysis and recommendations, along with other research, consultations and feedback to other published documents. The views expressed therein do not necessarily reflect the views of the LCO, nor does the LCO take responsibility for their content.

  1. Advocacy Centre for the Elderly and Dykeman Dewhirst O’Brien LLP: Health Care Consent and Advance Care Planning: Standards and Supports

  2. ARCH Disability Law Centre: Decisions, Decisions: Promoting and Protecting the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Who Are Subject to Guardianship

  3. Canadian Centre for Elder Law: Understanding the Lived Experiences of Supported Decision-making in Canada

  4. Dr. Bonnie Lashewicz: Understanding and Addressing Voices of Adults with Disabilities Within Their Family Caregiving Contexts: Implications for Legal Capacity, Decision-making and Guardianship