• Guy Bourguoin, United Steelworkers Local 1-2995
  • B. C. Ministry of Forests, Lands, and Natural Resource Operations
  • B.C. Truck Loggers Association
  • Chantal Brochu & Derek Zulianello, Buset & Partners LLP
  • Ontario Ministry of Consumer Services
  • Professor Ron C.C. Cuming, University of Saskatchewan
  • Professor Anthony Duggan, University of Toronto Faculty of Law
  • Etienne Esquega, Esquega Law Office
  • Dean Don Floyd, Faculty of Forestry & Environmental Management, University of New Brunswick
  • Eric Gertner, McCarthy Tétrault LLP
  • Ontario Ministry of Government Services
  • James Harrison, Greenmantle Forest Inc.
  • Richard B. Jones, Business Counsel at Law
  • Professor Shashi Kant, Faculty of Forestry, University of Toronto
  • National Aboriginal Forestry Association
  • Peter Nitschke, Bancroft Minden Forest Company
  • Nova Scotia Ministry of Natural Resources
  • Ontario Forest Industries Association
  • Resolute Forest Products, Thunder Bay
  • Madam Justice Helen M. Pierce, Superior Court of Justice
  • Paul Poschmann, Lake Nipigon Forest Management Inc.
  • Professor Ian Radforth, Department of History, University of Toronto
  • Allan Willcocks, Regional Director Northwest Region, Ministry of Natural Resources
  • Associate Dean John R. Williamson, Faculty of Law, University of New Brunswick
  • Professor Roderick J. Wood, Faculty of Law, University of Alberta
  • Professor Emeritus Jacob Ziegel, University of Toronto, Faculty of Law
  • Several individual loggers


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