Law Commission of Ontario Releases Six Commissioned Research Papers on the Law as it Affects Persons with Disabilities


In January 2010, the LCO issued a Call for Research Papers related to its project on the Law as it Affects Persons with Disabilities. The Call closed on February 12, 2010. Six research papers were completed through this Call for Papers, as follows:


1. ARCH Disability Law Centre: Enforcing the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Ontario’s Developmental Services System.


2. ARCH Disability Law Centre: The Shield Becomes the Sword: The Expansion of the Ameliorative Program Defence to Programs That Support Persons with Disabilities


3. Michael Bach and Lana Kerzner: A New Paradigm for Protecting Autonomy and the Right to Legal Capacity


4. Baker Law: A Case Study Paper on Rights to Supports


5. Professor Mona Paré, University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law (Civil): The Participation of Persons with Disabilities in the Decisions that Concern Them: the Example of Education


6. Lora Patton, Rita Samson and Brendon Pooran: A Principled Approach: Considering Eligibility Criteria for Disability-Related Support Programs Through a Rights-Outcome Lens


The LCO is pleased to announce that these papers are now available on our website.