1. How might the voice of persons with disabilities be better incorporated into the development and application of laws and policies?

  2. What should law and policy makers know about the needs and circumstances of persons with disabilities in developing and reviewing laws, policies and practices? 

  3. How can the law meaningfully incorporate the diversity of experience and circumstance among persons with disabilities? 

  4. How can ableism in the substance of laws and policies be identified?

  5. How do stereotypes and negative attitudes towards persons with disabilities influence the design of laws?

  6. How can ableism in the implementation of laws and policies be prevented?

  7. How can government and other service providers ensure that persons with disabilities are treated with respect when seeking services or assistance?

  8. What can be done to improve the ability of laws and policies to address persons with disabilities as whole persons?

  9. What can be done to improve linkages and coordination between laws, policies and programs?

  10. What can be done to improve navigation through systems intended to assist persons with disabilities?

  11. What measures can be put in place to ensure that laws affecting persons with disabilities are implemented effectively?

  12. How can the law be made more accessible for persons with disabilities?

  13. What might effective monitoring and evaluation mechanisms for laws and programs affecting persons with disabilities look like?

  14. Are the principles identified the appropriate principles on which to base an evaluative framework? Do they meaningfully capture the experiences and aspirations of persons with disabilities? 

  15. Do you have anything to add on the interpretation and definition of the any of the six principles as set out above? 

  16. How should a principles-based framework for the law as it affects persons with disabilities address tensions between the various principles that may arise in the implementation of the framework? 

  17. Are there characteristics other than those identified that are essential to the development for an evaluative framework for the law as it affects persons with disabilities?

  18. Do you have any other comments on this Paper or on the LCO’s project more generally?



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