The LCO recognizes that there are many persons with disabilities or persons who work on or behalf of persons with disabilities who have considerable expertise to contribute to this Project.  In order to ensure that the LCO fully considers the practical and theoretical implications that this Project raises, we are in the process of establishing an Advisory Group. 

The Advisory Group is made up of legal practitioners, academics from law and other relevant disciplines, representatives from community and advocacy organizations and government representatives with particular expertise in the area of the law as it affects persons with disabilities.  The role of the Advisory Group is to provide advice on the issues raised by documents released in this Project, provide input into the Consultation Strategy in this Project and provide feedback on the impact or effectiveness of potential LCO recommendations.


The current members of the Advisory Group are:

Cam Crawford – Canadian Association for Community Living

Catherine Frazee – Ryerson University, School of Disability Studies

Raihanna Kirji-Khalfan – Ethno-Racial Persons with Disabilities Coalition of Ontario

Gary Malkowski – Canadian Hearing Society

Mary Marrone – Income Security Advocacy Centre

Nyranne Martin – Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

Fran Odette – Springtide Resources

Glenn Padassery and Robert Thomson – Ministry of Community and Social Services, Standards Policy and Coordination Branch

Ivana Petricone – ARCH Disability Law Centre

Jeff Poirier – Ontario Human Rights Commission

Doug Surtees – University of Saskatchewan, College of Law

Diane Wagner – Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario

Kimberley Wilson – Canadian Coalition of Seniors’ Mental Health

Eta Woldeab – Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants