This is a multi-year, multi-phase project that will continue to evolve. However, based on the LCO’s initial research and consultations, the following starting points will shape the direction of this project:

As with its other projects, the LCO will take a multi-dimensional and holistic approach to the law. This will include consideration of the socio-economic conditions in which persons with disabilities are situated, and within which the law is made, interpreted, accessed and enforced.


The LCO recognizes that persons with disabilities are experts on their own lives and on the barriers they encounter in seeking equality, dignity, autonomy and inclusion. The LCO is committed to facilitating the participation of persons with disabilities in the law reform process.

The LCO also recognizes the considerable diversity within the disability community, and is committed to seeking out and hearing from a variety of voices and perspectives.

The LCO will adopt as a starting point for its analytical framework the principles and approaches embodied in the Charter, the Human Rights Code, the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, and In Unison.

The LCO will include in its approach a consideration not only of the letter of the law, but how it may be effectively implemented, accessed and enforced, so as to ensure access to justice in its broadest sense.

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