Many people from different sectors have something of value to contribute to the LCO’s work in this project. We want to hear from you. 

·         You may be a vulnerable worker and the best person to describe your own experiences.

·         You may be someone who advocates for or provides services to vulnerable workers and may be willing to help us meet with workers themselves.

·         You may be someone who has studied the issue and is prepared to share your studies with us.

·         You may be an employer who has developed “best practices” in these areas or an employee of such an employer. The development of a list of best practices is consistent with the approach of the LCO to look beyond the law to recommend other solutions that help make law effective.  


There are many ways to express your views or help us hear from those affected by this project: 

·         Send us your comments in writing, by fax, in an email or in our online comment box.

·         Whether employer, worker, advocate or service provider, give us a call and arrange a time to talk about your experiences in person or on the telephone.

·         Help us arrange a focus group of workers engaged in precarious work.

·         We can arrange to travel to different parts of the province or to set up web consultations.

·         You may have other suggestions for how you can best express your views or help others tell us their experiences.

We will make every effort to have consultations in appropriate languages; however, the LCO’s resources are not extensive and we would appreciate suggestions about how to address this issue.




Tel: 416.650.8406

Toll-Free Tel: 1.866.950.8406

TTY: 416.650.8082

Toll Free TTY: 1.877.650.8082

Fax: 416.650.8418


Explain that you are interested in talking about the vulnerable workers project and someone will discuss with you how you can participate in a way that works for you.


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