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Executive Summary
I. Introduction
II. Identifying Vulnerable Workers and Precarious Work
III. Employment Standards Policy and Legislative Reform: The Employment Standards Act and Related Legislation
IV. Health and Safety
V. Training and Education
VI. A Comprehensive Provincial Strategy
VII. List of Recommendations
Appendix A: Short, Medium and Long Term Recommendations
Appendix B: Contributors to the Project


Report Summaries

English – Summary of the Final Report
Français – Résumé du rapport final
Español – Resumen del informe final
Português – Resumo do Relatório Final
Tagalog – Buod ng Kahuli-hulihang Ulat
ภาษาไทย – มีความเสี่ยงของคณะกรรมาธิการกฎหมายแห่งรัฐออนแทรีโอ
普通话 – 最終報告總結



Report Documents

Project Backgrounder
Quick Facts
Press Release