The LCO is pleased to make available the papers and presentations submitted to the 2010 Canadian Conference on Elder Law, which the LCO co-hosted with the Advocacy Centre for the Elderly and the Canadian Centre for Elder Law, as part of our larger project on the law as it affects older adults.

Please note that the papers and presentations are presented as submitted by the speakers and presenters, and in the original language of the presentations.

If you are not able to access these documents for disability-related reasons, please contact us at to make arrangements for alternative access. 



World Study Group

Kim Whaley, Whaley Estate Litigation and Ian Hull, Hull & Hull LLP

“Financial Abuse, Neglect and the Power of Attorney”

Conference Paper


Supplementary Document 1

Supplementary Document 2                   

Helene Wheeler, LL.M. Candidate, UBC Faculty of Law

“Ageism in the Justice System”

Conference Paper



“Identifying Elements of an Anti‐Ageist Approach to the Law”
Session 1A – Friday October 29, 2010
Moderated by Lauren Bates, Law Commission of Ontario

Professor David Freedman, Queen’s University

“The Principle of Dignity and Older Adults”

Conference Paper

Professor Maneesha Deckha, University of Victoria

“Reason, Aging and Dignity”         
Conference Paper          

Magnus Eze, Parliamentary Consultant, Nigeria “Old Age Legislation in Nigeria”
Professor Emerita Gerda Kaegi, Ryerson University and Canadian Pensioners Concerned “Being Human, Human Rights and Agency for Older Adults”


“Protection of the Rights of Seniors – The Retirement Home Example”
Session 1B – Friday October 29, 2010
Moderated by Kevin Zakreski, B.C. Law Institute/Canadian Centre for Elder Law

Lisa Romano, Advocacy Centre for the Elderly

Conference Paper

Supplementary Document

Mark McMackin, Ricketts Harris
Carly Hyman, B.C. Office of the Ombudsperson Presentation


“Good Law and Bad Practice: First Available Bed Policies”
Session 1C – Friday October 29, 2010
Moderated by Kirsten Manley‐Casimir, Law Commission of Ontario

Jane Meadus, Advocacy Centre for the Elderly

“First Available Bed – Law and Policy in Ontario”            

Conference Paper            

Elizabeth Currie, Chancellor Park Nursing Home and Henry Kielley, Eastern Health and Long Term Care “First Available Bed Policies in NFLD”


“Exploring Elder Mediation”
Session 1D – Friday October 29, 2010

Professor Gemma Smyth, University of Windsor Faculty of Law                                                
Laura Watts, Canadian Centre for Elder Law
Jan Goddard, Jan Goddard and Associates


“Substitute Decision-Making and End of Life Planning: Hot Topics from a Care Provider Perspective”
Session 1E – Friday October 29, 2010

Cindy Clarke, Borden Ladner Gervais
Ira Parghi, Borden Ladner Gervais
Gene Norvaisa, Providence Healthcare


Supplementary Document


“Gender, Age and the Law”
Session 2A – Friday October 29, 2010
Moderated by Kirsten Manley‐Casimir, Law Commission of Ontario

Professor Claire Young, University of British Columbia

“Pensions, Privatization and Poverty: The Gendered Impact”
Conference Paper


Professor Kim Dayton, William Mitchell College of Law “Health Care Reform in the U.S.”


“Technology and Access to Justice”
Session 2B – Friday October 29, 2010
Moderated by Roger Smith, JUSTICE

Margaret Capes, University of Western Ontario Law School
Judith Wahl, Advocacy Centre for the Elderly Presentation
Fiona MacCool, Community Legal Education Ontario Presentation                 &n