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Introducing the Framework
Evaluating Law, Policy and Practice Against the Principles: A Step-by-Step Approach
Step 1 How do the Principles Relate to the Context of the Law?
Step 2 Does the Legislative Development/Review Process Respect the Principles?
Step 3 Does the Purpose of the Law Respect and Fulfil the Principles?
Step 4 Who is Affected by the Law and How Does This Relate to the Principles?
Step 5 Do the Processes Under the Law Respect the Principles?
Step 6 Do the Complaint and Enforcement Mechanisms Respect the Principles?
Step 7 Do the Monitoring and Accountability Mechanisms Respect the Principles?
Step 8 Addressing the Results of the Evaluation in Steps 1-7: Is the Law True to the Principles?


Report Documents

Final Report
Highlights of the Framework