Purple background image which has AI on it. It also has a title written on it "LCO Final Report: Accountable AI"On Thursday, June 16th, the Law Commission of Ontario (LCO) released Accountable AI a new report discussing artificial intelligence (AI) in the Canadian justice system. Accountable AI comprehensively analyzes AI and Automated Decision-making (ADM) systems used to assist government decision-making in public benefits, child protection, education, immigration, regulatory compliance, and many other civil and administrative justice applications. Issues discussed in the report include:

  • Why and how governments are using AI
  • How AI changes government decision-making
  • The elements of AI regulation
  • How to fulfill the promise of “Trustworthy AI”
  • The “right to contest” AI
  • How to adapt human rights and administrative law to government AI decision-making
  • Ensuring public engagement
  • Strategies to improve access to justice

The report includes 19 recommendations addressing AI regulation, “trustworthy AI,” bias in AI systems, “black-box” decision-making, due process, and access to justice.

To read the Final Report, please click here.

To read the Executive Summary, please click here.

Further information on the AI, Automated Decision-making and the Justice System project is available here.